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Digital Marketing Agency is different from a Creative Agency

How is Digital marketing Agency different from a Creative Agency?

A major concern among the entrepreneurs of today’s digital world is to choose the right option for promotion of their products or services digitally. Whether or not to use a digital marketing agency or a creative agency is the real question.

How do both these agencies work and which is the most profitable for any B2B business, e-Commerce companies and the like?

A thorough research on the working strategies of successful companies like Apple, Google, Facebook etc. gives an insight into how to use both these agencies to your company’s benefit. With the growing competitiveness of the market, the utility of these agencies have been vitalized. Hence, a perfect marketing mix of design and marketing strategies is required to drive more traffic towards your business.

Both these agencies aim at different targets all together.

A digital marketing agency like Zealth Digital Marketing Agency is a counterpart of creative agency that helps in the utility and channeling of the content to the right audience in the right place. On the other hand, a creative agency is the counterpart of a digital marketing agency that focuses on creating brand identity of a product through attractive designs and a variety of creative works. It is important for business owners to crack the right equation between digital marketing and creative appeals to boost the growth of their business.

What is a Creative Agency?

A creative agency, as the name suggests implies an agency that has a creative approach towards solving marketing problems of their clients. It refers to a team that designs and creates content strategically to make a product known in the market. The visual appeal of a brand is more likely to retain in the minds of the consumers which has increased the demand of creative agencies in the market space. The job of such agencies is to make the product visually exciting and persuasive to experience growth in sales. The various tasks carried out by these agencies are particularly:

· Logo designing

· Letterheads

· Business cards

· Website designing

· Copy writing

· Newsletter designs

· Icon design

· Photo and video content

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is an extension of the traditional advertising agencies that works according to the digital and technological landscape of the world. They follow a lead-generation approach for the development of brands in their campaigns. It works on the basis of analytics, facts and figures and play more with codes than designs related to a particular business. Digital marketing stimulates growth of businesses implicitly without putting an effort on attractive visuals, persuasive texts and creative content. However, these agencies are not always full-service, as some lag an in-house setup and outsource a few production elements while focusing more on the market consultancy.

These agencies work comprehensively to make the presence of your brand felt in the digital world. The services provided by digital marketing agencies frame the skeletal and nervous system of a company’s marketing plan. They are as follows:



· Creating Apps

· Social Media marketing

· Online lead generation

· Web development

· Content creation

· Media campaigns

· Mobile campaigns

· Video and Email marketing

· Conversion Campaigns

· Display Campaigns

A thorough research is necessary on the part of a business owner or entrepreneur before hiring a marketing agency that can be either creative or digital. There are no set limitations with regards to the services a marketing agency can provide in its package. A full-service agency can serve the purpose of both creative and digital agency. A Digital marketing agency with in-house graphic designers can create graphics for ad campaigns while the rest of the staff indulges in channeling the marketing strategy to reach its target audience.

Why choose a creative agency?

A creative agency has the power to increase brand awareness of a product with the help of creative essentials like graphic designs, copywriting, TV ads, Video content etc. They focus widely on visually appealing to the masses by setting an impression of the brand in the audiences’ mind. This type of agency are more inclined towards user research than following the prevalent marketing trends. This refers to their ability to create content that is more focused on grabbing eyeballs of the consumers, both online and offline, rather than stressing on positioning the company for growth.

In order for a company to be known in the market, brand awareness is the key to its consistency. And to communicate a brand to its people, staffs of artistically talented people create effective and catchy content that persuades consumers to buy their product. They establish visual identity of the brand by highlighting its uniqueness that lets it stand out from the rest in the market. But due to its high dependency on creative content, the agency do not take much responsibility for generating leads and conversions for sales.

Mostly, the right time to choose a creative agency is when a business is just starting off and wants to create a brand identity in the market space. Besides the initial stage, a creative agency is highly on demand when a company’s public appearance has gone out of fashion. A little bit of tweaking can be helpful in creating buzz among its users and the potential buyers.

Why choose a Digital Marketing agency?

The basic purpose behind every entrepreneur hiring a marketing agency is to increase sales of their products and services. Digital marketing agency is the correct option for a company that is looking for its overall growth from generating leads to converting them into sales and making profits in the market.

Though some digital marketing agencies also take charge of designing services like creative agencies, but digital agencies has a lot to offer for brand building of a company. Along with their emphasis on brand building, they also explore parts in which a company is lagging behind and strategize accordingly for their growth.

The team of tech savvy marketers has to work consistently to meet the demands of their clients. Their job can be easily evaluated as it is conducted online and results can be seen immediately through analytic software. A digital marketing agency is inclusive of a comparatively huge team of creative professionals, specializing in different services provided by the agency. Despite all its benefits, miscommunication might occur between marketers and their clients due to clashes in vision and workload for accepting too many clients at a time.

Digital marketers attempt on keeping their clients on the top of people’s brains to cancel out the cut-throat competition. They look into their client’s business by analyzing its potential to grow with the ongoing trends of the market.


Sooner or later, creative and digital agencies have come to merge with each other for one reason or the other. The lines between the services provided by each of these agencies have blurred in the last few years that have subtracted the weaknesses and has multiplied the strengths. But if made to choose between the two, digital marketing agencies like Zealth Digital Marketing Agency wins the race for facilitating holistic growth of your business with in-depth marketing strategy and execution of the same.

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